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Each one of us has been through immense personal struggle and change to be where we are today. 2012 marks a crucial year for all of us as the world is changing fast and much feels threatening and uncertain. This is making many of us feel worry and angst as we all walk our own rocky road into futures unknown.

Here in the Harmony Realm, we believe there is hope. We believe that we can create our own futures and make a better world for all of us; if we stop seeing each other as 'aliens' and work together in a spirit of understanding, tolerance and love. Our song reflects this message.

We invite you to pass on this message to your friends, your loved ones and your enemies and to DOWNLOAD our song of hope ... thus giving it the 'wings' to reach out to everyone, in all corners of the globe. You can Hear a clip of 'Rocky Road' on our jukebox above.


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